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PostSubject: Features   Sat 02 May 2009, 12:03 am

I'll discuss the features of the forum here. do not reply.


Note: requires something that supports irc. some stuff:

download required:
pidgin.im (also supports msn, aim, yahoo, etc)
mirc.com (you have to pay for this unlike the others)
xchat.org (free on linux -- not on windows)

Web based, no download:
http://cgiirc.blitzed.org/ (apparently you can use it on the iphone too)

Server: irc.freenode.net



Point System:

The "Gutterness" thing is a point system for FUN, not a contest or anything. Here's how you can 'level' up:

There's also a little point system to say you liked a users post. Click the little + and - signs on the right (they're small, so pay attention) to vote/give reese's/give points. A green bar will appear afterwards. DO NOT post whore in the general area to get points, unless you're doing the guessing game.



No rules, but there's some info to post a date to the calender.

"When you are creating a new topic, you will have "Calendar Options" under the post screen - this does not work if you reply to a post. There you can chooses the date and the time of the calendar event as well as the duration."

In the thread that contains the comment that you made on the calender can be commented on by others -- if you don't want it to be like that, lemme know or a mod cos then I'll lock it for you.

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